There have been autobuyer for several versions of Ultimate Team. In this article we want to clarify whether its worth it to use an autobuyer or not.


First of all: What is a FIFA 20 autobuyer?

With this tool you can automatically buy and sell players. You enter your parameters (for example the price) and the autobuyer will use these parameters to find and successfully buy players. The autobuyer is doing it so fast, that no other human can make this deal. I am sure you already had this kinda experience. You found a great player, which has been listed way lower than his actual value. The time shows 59:59min, but just within one second someone already bought it. Thats not real person who just bought it. It was the autobuyer. It can be a huge advantage to own a FIFA 20 autobuyer.

How many coins and points can I get?

This totally depends on your setup. You can run the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Autobuyer on several accounts or just on one. We highly recommend you to use it on several different accounts, so you can earn much more coins. The only problem you will have then is to transfer all the coins to one main account if you wish to do so.

How does the FUT 20 autobuyer work?

First of all you should pick a good provider. There are several different ones. Some of them might be even for free! Mostly its just an browser application, which you have to run in the background. At the same time you have to open the FUT Web App. It couldn’t be any easier.

Whats the price?

The price really depends on the provider. Most of them require a monthly payment. This depends on the tool and the features. The most autobuyer we saw were priced from $5 to $30 monthly.

Advertiser tell you to earn really money from FUT 20

Some of the publisher of these FUT 20 autobuyer are telling you stories like you can earn lots of money by using the autobuyer. Yes, if you have many coins you can definitely sell them for real money, especially on platforms like MMOGA. However, its kinda risky , because it is totally against EAs ToS to sell coins.

Why not simply generating free FIFA 20 coins?

Many gamer don’t even know about the FIFA 20 hack. They think its not possible to get free coins and points, but they have never ever tried it. The most people who know about the FIFA 20 coin generator also used it. So far everyone who ever used our hack received all the points and coins. It works for all gaming consoles and the PC. In the end its your choice if you want to run the FIFA 20 coins hack or just the autobuyer.


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