Are you looking for FIFA 20 bugs and glitches? On here we will continue a list of the most popular and annoying glitches in the game.

Why are bugs and glitches so important (and annoying)?

In FIFA 19 we could clearly see how the majority of the gamer took advantage of several different glitches. No matter if it were skills or glitches like the kick-off glitch. It was absolutely possible to calculate and trigger those glitches. For many gamer all over the world this situation was very frustrating. You scored and after the kick-off your defender behaved like children and just let the opponent players run through. In the beginning of the game were bicycle and overhead kicks by defenders after every other corner. Ridiculous. It shouldn’t be like this. Especially not, if you are the one who conceive all the lucky goals. What did FIFA 19 taught us?

  • Know the glitches and learn how to defend or avoid them
  • Try to take as much advantage of the bugs as possible

Everyone knows the glitches…what about Electronic Arts?

Well, actually they can’t ignore all the glitches. I mean, there are million players worldwide and a huge community. Everyone complained about the bugs and glitches. Just a short reminder: The game got patched several times just within two months after its release date. Thats totally crazy. They did publish a totally broken game and tried to fix it afterwards. In the end the gameplay felt like FIFA 18. Expect the same thing to be happen on FIFA 20. The chance of Easports releasing a game without bugs is very low. Remember the last few years. The most interesting part is they are not even going to fix all the glitches. The kick-off glitch for example is still going on right now. They had so many chances and months to fix it, but they didn’t do it. What does it tell us? Electronic Arts is doing it on purpose. Otherwise they would simply fix it, right? Forget about the new features on FUT 20. Who cares about the features, when the gameplay is broken and full of glitches?

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The FIFA Coin Generator is also working

Guess what? The kick-off glitch isn’t the only bug they didn’t fix in the last few years and months. The FIFA Ultimate Team hack is also still working. This tool has been around for several years, but it is still possible to get free FIFA coins and points. For FUT 20 it will work as well. EA won’t fix it. EA won’t fix shit. They are to busy to provide you with the latest Future Stars and St. Patrick Days special player. Take advantage of it. Use the FIFA 20 coins hack and learn how to use the glitches. Believe me, your win rate in the FUT Champions Cup will skyrocket. Instead of 12 wins you will get at least 22 wins. Thats no joke. Players and the correct usage of glitches can be the breaking point on FUT. It decides if you will be successful or not.


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