Since a few days there are a lot of videos on YouTube, Twitch and also on Instagram, where players use our FIFA 20 Hack, but link to a completely different website.


Most videos are only partially real!

There are a lot of videos from the FIFA 20 coin generator which are real, but they are edited so that you don’t see our website. Instead of you will see another URL. This will lead you to another website which we don’t know and which we have nothing to do with. Most of the hacks in these videos are fakes. They just don’t work. What the exact target is we don’t know. But it seems as if Indian and Russian hackers are behind it. Almost every minute new videos are published, which contain a new URL and are cut differently, but the video itself remains the same. That’s what they do to trick YouTube. On YouTube you can’t upload two identical videos from one channel, but you have to edit them a little.

In this tutorial we show you how to not get banned!

How can you recognize a fake?

You’ll recognize it by the fact that the generator doesn’t offer any protection. Normally you have to confirm that you are not a robot. The developers only do this because otherwise there will be bots and hackers who will exploit the hack. You will also see hacks and generators where you should enter your private data. You shouldn’t do that at all!


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Never pass on your security question, password or email!

This is probably the most important thing of all! You should make sure that you never pass on your security question or even your password anywhere. At nobody will ever ask for such sensitive data. All we need is your username and whether you’re playing on a PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC, so we know where to send the free coins and points. Electronic Arts has separated the database. That’s why Crossplay isn’t possible.


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