When it comes to our FIFA 20 hack, most players are most afraid of losing their team or rather being banned. Here we show you how you can easily prevent this.

The biggest risk to be banned

Do you think using the FIFA 20 coin generator and other cheats are risky? You were wrong. The biggest risk are other players. Why? As soon as they know that you have won 20 coins and points for free FUT, they will simply contact you. Why would they do that? Very simple: They spend hundreds of Euros on FIFA Points themselves and don’t want to use the FIFA 20 hack because they are afraid. Now you come and tell them how you received millions of coins in just a few minutes. They will definitely be jealous. In addition, you’ll have much better players than they will. While they save weeks or months to afford an icon, you will only get it in a few minutes.

fifa 20 ut hack
Twitch, YouTube and other streaming platforms

We can only advise against using the FIFA 20 hack and other tools live on YouTube or Twitch. Especially if you have a few viewers. They will report you to EA. You have to understand that most players have really big problems collecting enough coins or points. They will not only envy you, they will fight you. If they ask you where you got all those free FIFA 20 Coins and Points from, you should just tell them that you bought them. Then you won’t have any problems and they may even feel sorry for you.

You don’t need proxies

In our FIFA 20 coin generator we have already integrated several proxies. These proxies update themselves, so that players are never assigned the same proxies. The big problem is that if a hundred players use the FIFA 20 coin generator at the same time, the generator will connect a hundred times to the EA database. Even at Electronic Arts the warning signals go on. But because we have integrated so many proxies, it looks like EA has made a hundred different connections. The easiest way would be, of course, if everyone would use their own proxies before using our FIFA 20 hack, but many players don’t know exactly how it works or what they have to watch out for, so we take over this task. Other providers of the FIFA 20 points hack have not integrated proxies and simply leave this task to the users.


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