The FIFA 20 Demo is expected to be released on 12 September for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the PC. So far it has not been officially confirmed by Electronic Arts, but this should be the case in the following days.

Here is all you need to know:

When will the FIFA 20 Demo be released?

On 12 September 2019

On what system will the demo be available?

For Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC

Where can I download the demo?

In the respective stores of your console or at Origin. PlayStation 4 users will find the FIFA 20 demo on PlayStation Store.

Is there any way to download the demo earlier?

There are tips and tricks on how to get the demo earlier. For example, if you have an American account. Due to the time difference you will be able to download the demo earlier.

Which modes will be available?

  • Kick-Off
  • New features of FUT 20

Which teams will be available?

Manchester United
Manchester City
Real Madrid CF
Atlético de Madrid
FC Bayern Munich
Borussia Dortmund
Tottenham Hotspur

How long will a halftime be like?

4 minutes!

Will there be no FIFA 20 demo for the Nintendo Switch?

EA hasn’t said anything about this yet. Probably not for now. Further information will be shared by Electronic Arts on Facebook and Twitter.

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