There are so many ways to get coins on FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, but which one is the most effective? Lets take a look on the different modes and other FUT 20 cheats.

Squad Battles

Its a great way to get coins, since you can play against the CPU, choose the difficulty and play every single day. However, playing 5 matches per day just for Squad Battles is kinda hard. I don’t even want to start talking about the scripting in Squad Battles. Everyone who ever played this mode knows exactly what I am talking about.

FUT Champions Cup

Maybe the best legit way to get free coins. Also in this mode you need to spend lots of time to play matches. 30 matches per weekend are a lot. You will literally spend hours. Also don’t forget the amount of coins you have to invest for fitness and player contracts. They also play a huge role in the game. You have to decide yourself if its worth it. If you have great skills and win at least 15 matches you are good to go. If you are not so competitive stick to Squad Battles.

Division Rivals

Another great method to get free FIFA 20 coins in the legit way. You can choose what you would like to get. Coins or packs. I would strongly recommend to get the coins, since you have the full control over what players you can get. In the FUT packs are mostly random average players and useless items.


Not so effective anymore and some people even got their account banned for trading. In EA’s opinion this is not a legit way to earn coins. Until FIFA 15 it was the best way to get free coins, but since all the FIFA 20 autobuyer and the FUT price range it is not so efficient anymore. You will find great deals, but within a second they are gone. Autobuyer are a huge problem in the game. Its your choice to get one yourself.

FIFA 20 hack

If you ever thought about using a hack to get free FIFA 20 coins then now is probably the best time to do it. Right now the FIFA 20 coin generator is working perfectly on every device. To run it successfully you only need an existing team and account in the game. Within a few minutes you will receive all the items. It works for the Xbox, PlayStation, PC and also on other devices. You don’t need to download the hack, simply run it online on our website. Oh, almost forgot to say it: You can also generate free points with the hack tool.


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