Since a few years the FIFA Coin Generator has been used by thousands of gamer every single year. All of them are tired of spending their hard-earned money again and again. There is no single gamer, which is unhappy with this decision. However, as more people are knowing about the FIFA 20 hack, as more people are starting to ask questions. Many gamer are starting to question our tool and ask if its legal or not.


Is it prohibited to use the FIFA 20 coins hack?

Well, its against the terms of use of EA Sports, but this doesn’t mean its “illegal”. You won’t face any legal trouble or something like this. The worst thing, which can happen is you get your team suspended. Nothing more. Especially on YouTube you will find so many fake comments from people, which are talking weird stuff like “Police is coming after you, when you use the hack”. Thats not only wrong, but also stupid. Long story short: It is not prohibited to run the FIFA coins hack.

What about Electronic Arts Terms of Use?

Last year you could hear some stories of gamers, which got their team banned. The reason? They were into trading. No joke, EA said its against the ToS to do trading in order to get coins. Within a few hours this news went viral. Reddit and many gaming magazines started publish articles about this. It couldn’t be any more ridiculous. Electronic Arts says everything, which can be done to get coins is kinda manipulation and therefore against the ToS. Basically they want us to normally play the game. No trading allowed. In our opinion this is extremely ridiculous.

EA’s Ultimate Double Standards

Suspending teams because gamers are focusing on trading, but by themselves trying to sell as much FUT packs as possible. Pushing more and more ridiculous packs, such as “Future Stars”. Giving an incredibly ridiculous choice of “Player Picks”. Oh and lets not forget the most ridiculous part: Manipulating the actual gameplay in a pay to win mode! Nobody can deny it anymore. Everyone who ever played Squad Battles or Division Rivals for some hours will notice: there is “momentum”! By the way, the document which has been leaked some time ago also says gamer, who lost some matches in a row, will have much better “pack luck”.


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