A real disaster for fans of FIFA! Electronic Arts lost the license of Juventus Turin. The best Italian team becomes “Piemonte Calcio”. Here is a summary of the consequences and outcomes!

Juventus Turin becomes “Piemonte Calcio”

For a pretty long time fans of FIFA were really proud of all the licenses in their favourite game. They never had to worry about any missing license, especially of the top leagues. The english Premier League, german Bundesliga, spanish La Liga and the italian Serie A have been fully licensed in the last few years. This year it changed. The most popular team in Italy and maybe one of the most popular teams in the world won’t be original in the game. Konami got the exclusive rights of Juventus Turin. Exclusive means: Juventus Turin will ONLY be available in a detailed manner on PES 2020. EA or better to say FIFA is not allowed to use the badges, name, stadium or kits of Juventus Turin. The player names stay original tho. In PES 2010 the name of the team changes from “PM Black White” to Juventus Turin.

Fans of FIFA Ultimate Team don’t need to worry!

If you are playing FUT only, there won’t be a big problem. Okay, you won’t be able to get the official badges or kits, but you will be able to get all the Juventus players. Paulo Dybala, Cristiano Ronaldo and also the latest transfer De Ligt will be available in the game. Players who are much more into the career mode will suffer the most. Imagine the best italian club is suddenly called “Piemonte Calcio”. They even won’t be able to edit it, like many players of Pro Evolution Soccer are doing it.

eFootball PES 2020 and its battle for licenses

Since a few years Konami comes up with more and more license deals. Glasgow Rangers, Celtic Glasgow, Arsenal London, FC Barcelona, FC Schalke 04 and now also FC Bayern München and Juventus Turin. This is their only way to gain licenses, since Electronic Arts is doing exclusive deals with the different associations. The most popular case is the german Bundesliga. It hasn’t been in the game since many years, because EA got the exclusive rights. Lets see how things will develop!


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