After so much criticism in last years FIFA 19 EA reacted and started to improve Pro Club in FIFA 20. Here are the biggest changes!

What is Pro Club?

Pro Clubs allow gamers all over the world to create an individual player and to play with 10 other real players, which also got a “Virtual Pro”. This is why this mode is often called the perfect eSports mode by many people in the community. FIFA 20 is now about to finally improve this mode, after it was stagnating for many years.

Whats new?

From now on you can customize your players face even more! It will be much more detailed than before. Get ready to individualize the player in the way you want.

Player ratings starts with the overall rating of 80. Players are now allowed to play RWB/LWB, RM/LM and RF/LF positions. The positions also plays a big role on the progress of your ratings and skills.

Choosing between different positions, heights, and weights will now have a greater impact on how a Virtual Pro moves and feels as those choices will influence the Pro’s physical attributes.

The influence of the height, weight and position will have a much bigger impact on your pro than before. This will make it hard to get players with a great stamina and pace at the same time. its more like a risk vs. reward system now. You can’t be fantastic in both.

Finally we will be able to customize our team and its presentation even more. There will be new logos. Custom watermarks, banners and also replay transitions. Overall it will make the game much more fun and authentic. It improves all the presentation and broadcasting of Pro Clubs.

More than 25 customizable kits and over 150 new crests have been added.

You can now choose your opponents kits before the match in order to avoid kit-clashing!

We will now be able to see more “Augmented Reality” features in the intros, half time and after a goal. That’s something we already know from FIFA Ultimate Team.

The camera will now focus on all the team after they scored a goal. Before it zoomed to the goal scorer, but now all the team is able to make and coordinate celebrations.

Any new modes in FIFA 20 Pro Club?

Yes, there will be the House Rules Cup and the Practice Match mode.

You might already know the House Rules from the popular Kick-Off mode in FIFA 19. Now you will be able to play it with your pro club.

The Practice Match mode is something many fans of Pro Clubs wished for a pretty long time. It allows you to practice alone or as a team against the CPU. You can choose from many different options such as difficulity level, overall ratings of your opponents and much more.

How about the bugs and glitches in FIFA 19 Pro Club?

Lets be honest: Pro Clubs in FIFA 19 was a total waste. There were so many bugs and glitches in this mode. According to EA they listened to the gamer and fixed the bugs. Well, lets see, but so far so good.

FIFA 20 will release for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch on 27th September 2019. On we will provide you with the latest tips and tricks around the game!


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