You just used the FIFA 20 coin generator and you ask yourself if you can update the game? In this article we will show you how safe it is to use the FIFA 20 hack. Thousands of gamer used it already.


Patches and updates for FIFA 20

The game has just been released, but there are already many patches and updates released. Many of you might used the FIFA 20 coins hack before these patches and now you guys are afraid of getting blocked, suspended or banned from FUT. We have good news for you: These updates are mainly for gameplay fixes. Nobody is going to ban you. Actually EASports doesn’t even know a tool like the FIFA 20 hack actually exists. Our generator is hiding your IP, username and all the other information. For you there is no risk of getting your team suspended.

The game is full of bugs and glitches

You know what happens every year? Exactly, bugs and glitches in FIFA Ultimate Team. So basically the Web App and the FUT Companion got several loopholes, which allows tools like the FIFA 20 hack to operate. By the way…the FUT 20 autobuyer works because of these loopholes as well. Somehow EA doesn’t seem to be interested in fixing these glitches. However, our FIFA 20 coins hack is still working perfectly for every smartphone, tablet, PC and of course also the gaming console. Although we never know how long the hack will continue to work, because we don’t know when EA is going to fix several bugs. Their database is simply not safe. FUT 20 is just a huge mode with players from all over the world, dozens of servers, lots of platforms and so many other aspects. Its really hard for EA to maintain them. This makes it possible for us to take advantage of these bugs and to simply run tools in order to get you more coins and points!


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